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CityGuide.com.mm is founded for people who are looking for places, local businesses and etc., in Myanmar. As the speed of internet connection is steadily growing in Myanmar, more people are willing to subscribe to get access to world wide web for any sorts of information. Thus, we, The City Guide Team is trying hard to provide the needs from tourist, expatriates and locals. While, we are at this, we would like to explain a few things here.

CityGuide.com.mm is more than online directory. We have team, we love to be called ‘The City Guiders’, is paying a real visit to nearly 90% of the places. And the City Guiders write reviews about those places, put up the photographs for your convenience, searching information on the internet.

CityGuide.com.mm has a review and commenting system for any places we have published. So, like a good citizen and good mates, we need your help to share the information of the place or recommend by writing and rating on our review system to our fellow internet citizens. Plus, our website is developed on world most trusted and easy to use CMS platform, called WordPress.

Furthermore, we also offer location-based maps which you can use to browse nearby places. In order to use this feature, you may need to use our site with modern browser plus GPS-enabled devices, such as iPhone and MacBook.

One more thing for us to keep doing what we love on Myanmar City Guide, we accept online advertising too. If you’re interested and willing to help out, please call us on 0942-000-4554 or email via contact form.

At this present, we are presenting restaurants, coffee and tea, pubs & bars, nightlife, pagodas, hospitals and many more places (coming) in Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi and Pathein.

So, keep dropping by or subscribe www.www.cityguide.com.mm for your adventure or fun in Myanmar.

The City Guiders